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With wedding season finally here, I wanted to share a peek at my wedding albums. Spoiler alert: I’m in love with these albums, and I totally geek out whenever I share my sample album with clients. The cover and pages are thick and sturdy. Photos can be printed in a panorama across the gutter, and not a single detail (i.e. someone’s head) is lost in the gap. I’m all about personalizing albums, as these are yours. Yours to look at over and over again, yours to showcase and share your wedding day story with friends and family. They are heirloom products, built to be handed down to future generations. I work closely with couples to add their favorite photos and any text they’d like. The end result is just stunning.PINIMAGEPINIMAGE

Each page is as thick as a penny, and the album itself is 10″x10″.The album included in my wedding collections has 30 pages, but Emily and Tyler (the one on the left) added an additional 10 pages so that they could include more of their favorite photographs. The albums pictured here have two different covers: the cloth cover with personalized embossing and a full color print. I also offer a faux leather cover.


My goal is to keep the layout as classic and simple as possible. I want the photographs to be seen, not lost in some chaotic collage.


Want to check out an album in person? Send me a message, and let’s talk about your wedding day!

– Abi S

They were best friends for nearly six years before finally dating. Their dating relationship began right after a Halloween party, and –according to Drew– “you could just tell something was there.” The time was right. From day one, their love has only grown stronger. Anna says that he really went above and beyond to prove to her that they belong together. He proposed at home with Christmas lights – a beautiful, romantic, intimate setting. Which brings us to today: these two best friends, teammates, getting ready to commit to forever.

They wanted a wintertime engagement session – Anna loves snow! Like magic, snow fell just a couple days before their scheduled session (and melted the day after). It was absolutely perfect. We had Dodge Park almost to ourselves, and we shot until our toes were frozen. I’m so pleased to share these photos with you today and to photograph their wedding this upcoming December. Enjoy.


“He never stops loving me, even at my most vulnerable moments.” – Anna


“She is my everything.” – Drew


Congratulations + blessings to you two!

– Abi S

Though they’ve known each other since they were young, the first time they really connected was more recently, at Vacation Bible School at church. I know from personal experience that being a VBS volunteer seems to show your true colors, and, for these two, those true colors were exactly what attracted them to one another. She is sweet, kind hearted, intelligent, and never gives up when she is in tough situations. He is persistent, patient, and pushes her to be better. 
Matt proposed on Mackinac Island and included many of her favorites, such as champagne. Thinking on the day, he says, “I was hardly nervous. I was so sure I wanted to spend my life with her. It was excitement because it meant our life together was about to begin.”
 A while back, I soaked in the last bit of autumn with Matt and Rachel on Belle Isle for their engagement session. I admire how comfortable they are with one another, how kind and compassionate they are. I am thrilled to be a part of their wedding day journey and look forward to their wedding in March of 2017!

Belle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEENG-Carnagie_43-44PINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGEBelle Isle Engagement SessionPINIMAGE

“One of the sweetest things she always does every day is make our communication a priority.
Living apart I can always rely on her to ask me what’s new and how I am.” – Matt


with love,
Abi S

Justin and Mary: former co-workers, instant best friends, and now, husband and wife. They asked me to help document their wedding day, and I am pleased to share with you the story of their day. It began at the Chapel of Holy Trinity at Concordia University and was followed by a reception at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Two jaw-dropping places, both gems of Ann Arbor. With the help of their family and friends, their day flowed into a wonderful celebration of their love and the future they will share together.


When I talked to Mary prior to her wedding, she told me they were keeping some things very traditional –having a string quartet, for instance– but other things non-traditional –that string quartet would be playing The Beatles.


I loved the uniqueness of their rings. Isn’t the texture on Justin’s band so interesting?


This bridal party cracked me up. Justin and Mary have some awesome friends.


And then, they danced (and danced and danced!). 🙂

Congratulations, you two!

Abi S

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I lay awake last night, overwhelmed by the Noise. A nighttime marathon of catching up on social media left me wanting more – or rather, less. The scrolling, the clicking, the links, the updates. It all becomes too much sometimes. There is a time and a place: I believe that social media gets a bad rap too often. Brands and businesses and relationships can be enriched by social media. It is a great tool. But. There is such value in learning to be still, to savor, to open your eyes to what is in front of you: what really Matters. 
Try it with me? Turn it off, put it away. It not now, then when? Take the time to be in this moment.
f a c e b o o k