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meet Judah

Meet Judah. The joy of my heart. The star of my Instagram feed. The reason I get up in the morning (and, yeah, still during the night). My son.
As all the rest of you moms can attest to, the weeks following a birth are especially exhausting. I am so glad that I picked up my “big camera” on a couple of occasions, though, to capture Judah in his baby freshness. RIght now as I write, he’s in his swing, cooing and smiling at me. I glance at him, at these photos, and back again, and I’m just in awe that this is the same kid. Because, 1. wow, he’s changed so much; and 2. he used to SLEEP! 
I’m so pleased to announce the birth of my son, Judah Mark. Behold, the cuteness…

love, Abi S (aka Judah’s mom)

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