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Nate + Jenny // engaged

They met at a Cru conference in Indianapolis on a day of outreach, where together they shared the Gospel while getting to know each other. It was there that she noticed that he was a strong and caring leader, and he noticed her smile, personality, and serving heart. It was a friendship that quickly blossomed. Their relationship has continued to build as they support each other as well as laugh together. 

For this mini engagement session, they wanted to meet at this gazebo in South Lyon, Michigan. The significance behind the gazebo? He gave her a promise ring there. But the story is even more beautiful and romantic, as Jenny remembers: “I had been studying for a couple hours and he said it was time for a break. We went to the gazebo and talked and he said he had something to show me. He made me a video of 101 favorite things about me, with him reading in the video and guitar in the background which was also him playing! It was beautiful and very special.” My goodness, my brother is such a romantic!

These two are so beautiful together, and I felt honored to photograph them. They’re getting married this October, and I’ll be attending the wedding as sister. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to use them as they begin their life together.









“It is all in the little things… when she reaches for my hand, rubs my neck when I’m driving, thanks me for what I do, when she agrees to go on dates with me, when she calls me or texts me at random, and all of those times in between when she does those things just because.” 
Nate, about when he feels loved by Jenny






Sigh. I love these two. Thanks for being awesome!

– Abi S

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